International Student Press Conference, Candidates Forum and the BoG Meeting

Monday, June 14th the Concordia Student Union (CSU), the Concordia International
Student Association (CSIA), the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)
and l'Association pour une Solidarit��� Syndicale ���tudiante (ASS���) will be holding a
press conference about the proposed increase of up to $2000 in international students
fees in the Faculty of Arts and Science in room H-771 at 11:00 am. We will be
presenting a letter that was sent to the education minister of Quebec asking that he
take action against this fee as it is against government policy.

Wednesday, June 16th Fair Vote Canada will be holding a panel discussion about the
democracy of the election process, followed by an open forum with candidates from
five parties in the federal election hosted by the CSF-Q with help from the CSU. The
focus will be on education and the current situation at Concordia. Come ask the
parties to increase transfer payments to Quebec for education to support
international students.

Thursday, June 17th at 8:00 am in GM-407-1 the Board of Governors will be voting on
the differential fee for international student in the Faculty of Arts and Science. We
encourage all who are concerned to attend and to contact members of the Board of
Governors at the following contact info:

Dr. Steven H. Appelbaum
Professor, Management
848-2424 ext. 2906
848-4292 (fax)

Dr. Normand Beauchamp
Captial NDSL
7800, rue Bombardier
Anjou, Quebec
H1J 2G3
356-2151 ext 225
356-2848 (fax)

Mr. Alain Benedetti
Vice-Chairman, Ernst & Young LLP
222 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5K 1J7
(416) 943-3032
(416) 864-1775 (fax)

Dr. Rama Bhat
Professor and Chair
Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
848-2424 ext. 4190
848-3175 (fax)

Dr. Louise Brunette
Associate Professor, Etudes Fran���aises
848-2424 ext. 7503
848-4542 (fax)

Mr. Gerald C. Burke
276, rue St. Jacques, #914
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H2Y 1N3
842-1290 (fax)

Mr. Alexander J. Carpini
Senior Partner
Peak Group
2000 Mansfield Avenue, 18th floor
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3A 3A6
844-1384 (fax)

Mr. Charles G. Cavell

Baljit Singh Chadha, P.C.
Bancorp Limited
4103 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec,
H3Z 1A7
932-2425 (fax)

Dr. June Chaikelson
Professor & Chair
CRDH, Department of Psychology
848-2424 ext. 7539
848-2815 (fax)

Dr. Sally Cole
Associate Professor
Sociology & Anthropology
848-2424 ext. 2173

Mr. Howard Davidson
Treasurer, R. Howard Webster Foundation
1155 Ren��� L���vesque W., #2912
Montr���al Qu���bec
H3B 2L5
866-9918 (fax)

Mrs. Rita Lc de Santis
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, LLP
1501 McGill College Avenue, 26th Floor
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3A 3N9
841-6499 (fax)

Mr. Brian Edwards
816 Boissy Street
St. Lambert, Quebec
J4R 1K2
951-1533 (fax)

Mr. Kamal Fox
Graduate Students' Association
848-2424 ext. 7900
848-7904 (fax)

Ms. Suzanne Gouin
President General Manager Tv-5
1755 boul Ren���-L���vesque est, Bureau 101
Montreal, Quebec
H2K 4P6
522-3277 (fax)

Mr. Geroge M. Hanna
Intrafina Ltd.
1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 2228
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3B 3M4
861-0802 (fax)

Ms. Judith A. Kavanagh
1760 Cedar Avenue
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3G 1A3
933-4992 (fax)

Mr. Peter Kruyt
Power Corporation of Canada
751 Square Victoria
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H2Y 2J3
2867464 (fax)

Ms. Christine C. Lengvari
President and CEO
Lengvari Financial Inc.
1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1935
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3B 2C3
871-2491 (fax)

Dr. Loren Lerner
Associate Professor and Chair
Art History, S-VA-431
848-2424 ext. 4698
848-4584 (fax)

Dr Federick Lowy
Rector and Vice-Chancellor
848-2424 ext. 4849
848-4546 (fax)

Mr. Peter G. McAuslan
President, McAuslan Brewing
5080 St. Ambroise Street
Montreal, Quebec
H4C 2G1
939-3060 ext. 223
939-2541 (fax)

Mr. Eric H. Molson
Chairman Molson Inc.
1555 Notre Dame Street East
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H2L 2R5
598-6866 (fax)

Mr. Desmond O'Neill
Mail Services
848-2424 ext. 3455
848-4000 (fax)

Mr. John Parisella
President, BCP
388 St. Jacques St. W., Suite 6000
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H2Y 1S1
285-0078 (fax)

Mr. Alex G. Potter
Retired Director General
Champlain Regional College
2115 des Platanes
Fleurimont, Qu���bec  H2Y 1S1
(819) 829-2771

Mr. Richard Renaud
Chairman and CEO
TNG Corporation
1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 2221
Montr���al, Qu���bec  H3B 2M4
878-4541 (fax)

Mrs. Miriam Roland
President, Tall-J Investments Limited
1455 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite 2703
Montr���al, Qu���bec  H3G 1L2
933-5780 (fax)

Ms. Suzanne S���vigny
Vice-President, Human Resources & Operations
500 St. Jacques, 12th floor
Montr���al, Qu���bec  H2Y 1S1

Dr. Hani Shennib
Professor, Department of Surgery
McGill University Health Centre
1650 Cedar Avenue, Room L9-121
Montr���al, Qu���bec H3G 1A4
934-8051 (fax)

Mr. Jacques St-Laurent
Vice-President, Engineering
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
12800 rue de l'Avenir
Mirabel, Qu���bec  J7J 1R4
(450) 971-6500 ext. 2794
(450) 437-2006 (fax)

Mrs. Mackie I.
Vadacchino de Massy
933-9622 (fax)

Mr. Ivan Velan
Exec. Vice-President, North American Sales,
Quality Assurance & MIS, Velan Inc. (Montreal)
7007 C���te de Liesse
Ville St. Laurent, Qu���bec
H4T 1G2
748-7743 ext. 5559
748-9593 (fax)

Lillian Vineberg
101 Finchley Road
Hampstead Qu���bec
H3X 3A1
4841924 (fax)

Mr. Jonathan Wener
Chairman and CEO, Canderel Ltd.
2000 Peel St., Suite 900
Montr���al, Qu���bec
H3A 2W5
284-1054 (fax)

Non-members with speaking privileges:

Prof. Marcel Danis
Vice-Rector, Institutional Relations, and Secretary-General
848-2424 ext. 4806
848-4550 (fax)

Mr. Michael Di Grappa
Vice-Rector, Services
848-2424 ext. 4819
848-2821 (fax)

Mr. Larry English
Chief Financial Officer
848-2424 ext. 4310
848-4586 (fax)

Dr. Jack Lightstone
848-2424 ext. 4891
848-8766 (fax)


Mr. Pierre Fr���geau
Legal Information Services
848-2424 ext. 4960
848-3502 (fax)

Secretary of the Board of Governors:

Ms. Danielle Tessier
Director, Board and Senate Administration
S-BC-320, SGW Campus
848-2424 ext. 7319
848-8649 (fax)

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