Hi there,

Concordia's Graduate Student Association (GSA) is seeking people to fill the following positions for our upcoming General Assembly, which will take place on December 1st from 5 pm to about 8 pm in H-157 at Hingston Hall, Loyola campus. Workers will receive a $75.00 honorarium. 
Interested candidates should email David Clos-Sasseville at gsa.department.advocate@gmail.com with their relevant experience. Be sure to specify which position you are applying for.

(a) Election Scrutineers
Will assist at the check-in desk, before the start of the GA. Will conduct vote and ballot counting during the GA. Will advise the GSA and the Chair of any resources required to do this job efficiently. Previous experience as a scrutineer in GAs preferred.

(b) Resource People
Will assist at the check-in desk, before the start of the GA. Will be available during the GA to answer any questions from the members concerning the GA. They will also be responsible for reminding participants to not talk during GA business and helping to maintain decorum. Resource people should be familiar with dynamics in GAs and meeting procedures. The resource people will report any unanswered questions or concerns to the moodwatcher.  

(c) Moodwatcher (Gardien du senti)
Will assist at the check-in desk, before the start of the GA. Receives text or other written messages from GA participants concerning the atmosphere or any other aspect of the GA that is negatively impacting their experience. The Moodwatcher is also responsible for communicating with the GA and the Chair about the 'mood' of participants, offering observations and suggestions regarding achieving the equitable participation of members. Previous experience is required.

(d)  Equipment Operator for video livestream
Will ensure the sound and video feed of the GA is available and of good quality for the online audience. Will monitor audience comments to ensure the best quality live stream. Previous experience operating livestreaming equipment is required and experience covering GAs or other governance meetings live is preferred.

Please pass this on to anyone you know would be interested / qualified!